Before Your Appointment

Before your appointment:

  • Please DO NOT wear any eye makeup, especially mascara. Mascara contains oil that is quite difficult to completely remove and if oils are not removed prior to applying lash extensions the glue cannot completely bond to your natural lashes, causing premature fallout which is outside of our control and will not be infilled for free. We cleanse your lashes thoroughly before every application however please note if you arrive to your appointment with eye makeup on there will be more time cleansing and less time lashing.
  • We recommend not to drink energy drinks or coffee in the hours leading up to your appointment as caffeine causes the eyes to flutter which you will find to be frustrating during your appointment (take it from us, we've heard this many times from clients and from our own experiences)
  • We recommend if possible to shower and wash your hair prior to your appointment as you will need to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours after the application, no need to worry if you arrive to your appointment with wet hair, we have fresh towels that we can put down for you.
  • When you enter the salon please turn your phone on silent, this is to be mindful of the lash technicians concentrating on the application which requires a lot of focus and other clients in the salon trying to relax.
  • Please organise to arrive to your appointment alone, we have found that if friends/family/children come to your appointments that you are not able to fully relax and the same with phones ringing, which distracts our lash technicians and other clients in the salon.
  • Feel free to get super relaxed and enjoy a lovely lash nap while we work!